Pick one of the six topics given down below and write a research essay on it. Pl

Pick one of the six topics given down below and write a research essay on it. Please if you use outside information be sure to cite it in MLA format. 5-7 pages.
The purpose of this term research paper is to have students fully understand
the global economic issues around the world with the theories we have learned
during this course. Each student in the ECO 446 will select a topic that has been
mentioned recently in the news that has generated great length of discussions.
Each student in this course needs to select a topic for the following list:
1. Coronavirus’ (COVID-19) impact to the world economy
especially to the world trade and supply chain.
2. World distribution of COVID vaccines and trade protection.
3. Inflation in the U.S. and the bottleneck of the world supply.
4. Tensions between Russia & Ukraine and the potential
economic sanctions by the EU and the U.S.
5. Climate Change and future international trade.
6. Globalization and fair trade.
Items should be included in the research paper, but NOT limited to:
1. Identify the issue(s);
2. State the background or history that led to the issue(s);
3. Provide the current government policy/treatment on the issue(s);
4. Supply your own analysis to the issue(s) in the scope of trade and trade policy;
5. State whether or not there is an alternative solution/policy to resolve the issue(s) you
identified in this research.
The research paper should be within five (5) to seven (7) pages in length (excluding
references, graphs etc.), double-spaced, 12-point times new roman font in black ink with 1”
margins on all sides. Please list references clearly on a separate sheet. If there are graphs
presented, please show each graph in a separate sheet. Please submit your own research paper on
Blackboard. The deadline for submitting this research paper on Blackboard is Friday,
April 22, 2022 (4/22/2022) at 5pm. The instructor is willing to discuss the rough drafts with
students during office hours.
Good luck with this term research paper.