Research paper 1 Guideline Dear Chemistry students For Research paper 1, you nee

Research paper 1 Guideline
Dear Chemistry students
For Research paper 1, you need to select one of the air pollutants, or one of the water pollutants addressed in the “Air and Water Pollution” Download “Air and Water Pollution”document and expand on them.
For example: carbon monoxide OR mercury.
READ this guideline carefully and FOLLOW it religiously. It will be applied on the next two research papers as well.
In the title of the paper, identify clearly the pollutant you have selected. For example: Carbon monoxide as an air pollutant
Mercury as a water pollutant
2) In the paper content, make sure to elaborate on each of the following four points related to the pollutant you selected:
It’s Sources,
The problems it causes,
Solution (interventions) to reduce their impact, and
The chemical reactions involved (Chemistry)
3) You should use at least two references. You may use Wikipedia as one reference. I, however, would rather that you use academic and authentic sites related to reputable organizations rather than an open source such as Wikipedia. You may use Wikipedia to find good references.
4) The paper should be between 400-800 words.
NOTE: The bibliography, citations, direct quotes and headers are not part of the word count.
5) Write a full bibliography at the end of the paper of all the references used. Make sure to cite your references properly. Use APA style (preferred) or MLA.
6) In the bibliography, make sure to include the full URL websites’ links to the websites you used. This is needed because I need to review the content of your resources.
7) Limit quoting directly from the resources. Direct quotes should be less than 5% of the paper content and they are NOT part of the word count. Instead, rephrase all statements and make sure to cite the reference you rephrased from. The next item will tell you how to do in-text citation.
8) Important: In addition to the bibliography section at the end of your paper which should have full citation of all the references you ACTUALLY used, make sure to cite each reference you listed within the paper content as well. I noticed in previous semesters that several students are not familiar with in-text citation. Here is a video link that explains it to you.

When you cite a reference within the paper content, use the author and date only as prescribed by the APA. Example: (Lohner, 2016).
Again, ALL references in the bibliography need to be cited inside your paper.
9) Avoid placing any statements between parentheses, unless it is a reference citation. Example: (Lohner, 2016).
Other than citation, replace parentheses with comas, for example: Instead of typing: methanol (CHOH) replace it with methanol, CHOH.
Also avoid using quotation marks unless it is direct quote from a reference:
Example: ” Carbon monoxide is fatal at 1000 ppm” (Shihabi, 2015)
Nothing else in your paper, other than the above, should be placed between parentheses or quotation marks.
10) To avoid plagiarism, make sure to write what you learned from a resource in your own words. Do NOT copy and paste out of a website, book or former student paper (including your previous papers in this class or other classes). Your grade will depend on it.
Check the “Plagiarism Information module” at the end of the “Home” area in our class page in Canvas.
The paper will be tested for plagiarism.
When you complete the paper, click on the “choose a file to upload ” tab below and submit your paper here. IF you get 10% or higher similarity report, consider resubmitting after you do the pertinent changes to reduce it. You are allowed two attempts, the latest attempt with be taken for grade.