Submit Final Draft of Essay 3 Compare-Contrast Essay Directions: Submit your fin

Submit Final Draft of Essay 3 Compare-Contrast Essay
Directions: Submit your final draft of your compare-contrast essay here. Be sure to include in-text citations of library sources and a Works Cited page. Make sure that you cite at least 6-8 quotes from WTC library sources. To submit, see directions below the grading rubric.
See grading rubric below:
ENG 101 Grading Rubric for Compare-Contrast Essay #3 Name___________________________
ATTENTION: Make sure you avoid plagiarism by including an in-text citation at the end of a sentence that comes from a source AND list the source on a Works Cited page! You MUST cite the source in 2 (TWO) places! Most of the sentences should be your own writing, but do include plenty of research from sources.
Presentation in MLA format (20 pts.)
Name, course, instructor, date in upper left-hand corner, formatted correctly (2 pts.)
Last name and page number in header, formatted correctly (2 pts.)
Title of essay relates to topic and is thought-provoking, properly formatted and centered (2 pts.)
Double-spaced, with 12 pt. font Arial, Times New Roman, or similar font; paragraphs indented (2 pts.)
Stapled with Rubric sheet (2 pts.)
Includes in-text citations of 3 library sources AND a “Works Cited” page, both properly formatted (10 pts.)
_____________/ 20 pts.
Organization (40 pts.)
At least 6 -8 paragraphs, with at least 3 sentences in the introduction and conclusion, and at least 6-7 sentences in each of the body paragraphs
Introduction gets the reader’s attention by using a quote, interesting fact or statistic, example, or anecdote at the beginning, then explains the controversy surrounding or draws a comparison between the two topics, and states the thesis that states how the two topics are being compared (the thesis should be the last sentence of the introduction)
Each topic sentence in the body paragraphs follows either a point-by-point or subject-by-subject organizational model; the topic sentences support the thesis
The conclusion begins with an opinion on the two topics being compared, basing this opinion on evidence from the body paragraphs, and ends with a call to action
_____________/ 50 pts. (10 pts. each)
Unity and Support (20 pts. for #2; 10 pts. for #’s 1, 3)
Body paragraphs flow, transitions are used, and are unified with the essay’s purpose (10 pts.)
Body paragraphs give appropriate, sufficient, and credible evidence/details to compare and/or contrast the two topics in a balanced treatment of BOTH topics being compared (point-by-point or subject-by-subject). (20 pts.)
Body paragraphs cite at least three appropriate and credible online library sources. Note: A sentence with ideas or words from a library source MUST have an in-text citation at the end of that sentence (10 pts.)
POINTS EARNED _____________/ 30 pts.
Voice, Clarity, and Style
Use of improper point of view, such as “you” (-2 each)
Individual sentences quoting or paraphrasing from a source neglect to introduce the source’s name (-2 each)
Use of short, choppy sentences or nearby sentences beginning with the same word (-2 each)
Use of slang words, colloquialisms, or vague words, such as “good,” “great,” “wonderful,” etc. (-2 each)
Editing Errors
Structural errors, such as fragments, run-ons, or parallelism problems (-4 each)
Grammatical errors, such as pronoun or subject-verb agreement errors (-2 each)
Spelling or word errors (-2 each)
Punctuation errors (-2 each)
POINTS LOST____________
TOTAL POINTS __________