Term Paper Outline Term paper needs to be typed in Word in a MLA General Format

Term Paper Outline
Term paper needs to be typed in Word in a MLA General Format 12pt non-serif type (like Times or Geneva), double-spaced with 1” margins (on top, bottom, sides). Anything that you take from another source needs to be put in quotes (source needs to be highlighted in parentheses after quote). In addition to the 12-15 pages of the analysis paper, a source-cited reference sheet needs to be attached to the end of the paper, a 8”x10” color reproduction image of the painting being written about, and a page discussing the technical principles of the style or styles inherent in the painting being analyzed.
Identify the style of the painting being analyzed and discuss the mediums, techniques, creative principles, technical features, and unique strategies of imaging employed by the artist. First page to 1½ pages of the paper needs to be devoted to technically discuss the style of the painting and what the artist did to personally, uniquely impact that style. Is the painting Impressionistic, Cubist, Surrealist, Pop, Abstract Impressionist, Photorealist, Neo Expressionist, etc.?
Identify, discuss, and analyze the subject matter, major theme and generalized mood generated within the painting. What is the artist attempting to communicate to the viewer? What content issues permeate the painting? What is the most noticeable quality and feeling the viewer senses when viewing the painting (is it meditative, peaceful, quiet, or energetic, agitated, chaotic, violent? Is the painting organic, impersonal, charged with movement or energy?) Discuss narrative and genre and relate their possible existence in the painting.
Discuss the specific mode of expression is employed in the painting: Is it Naturalist, Representational, Partially Abstract, Abstract, or Non-objective. Discuss, elaborate and relate to your discussions. What unique principles of art perception/structure are employed, if any? Does iconography or symbolism play a role in the subject of the painting? Discuss, elaborate, and explain.
Identify and discuss the form and physicality existing within the work. IS this painting executed on canvas? Is the canvas cotton duck, linen or hessian sack? Is the canvas stretched or primed. What material and technique was used to prime the canvas? If the painting was not executed on canvas, was it executed on board or some other technological material (like aluminum)? What mediums, materials, and special techniques have been employed in creating the painting? In the work painterly….define and discuss? Describe and discuss the artist’s choice of materials and techniques and their effect on the style and appearance of the painting. Is subject matter evident in the painting and how does it relate to content? What about narrative, does it exist in this painting what is its effect on the viewer and viewing?
Discuss the composition and visual equilibrium (balance) found in this this painting. Is this painting symmetrical, approximate symmetrical, radial, or asymmetrical in its balance? What factors play a role in creating the type of balance employed? What areas play dominant, or recessive (negative) roles? What areas are subject areas and what areas are background areas? What factors contribute to the dominant role-playing that areas present in viewing? How do positive and negative areas with in painting contribute to create an overall integrated composition?
Discuss picture plane, format, and picture frame. Is this an open or closed composition? Discuss space, proportion, and economy. Is illusionism or Trompe L’oeil generated by the image. Are conventional/traditional methods of space ordering employed such as foreshortening, atmospheric perspective, linear perspective or push-pull, optical color employed? If space plays an integral role in this painting, is the space illusion shallow, medium, or deep. Does simulated, real, abstract, or invented texture affect the space illusion (define and discuss)? How is texture technically implemented? Are collage, frottage, graffito, impasto, sfumato,bricolage, paper colle, or some other real texture technique employed?
Discuss and analyze the form element of line. What kind of line elements are present (or absent and why?) in this painting? Are outlines, contour lines, cross-contoured, calligraphic, hatched, crosshatched, straight, curvilinear, vertical, horizontal, oblique, or implied lines employed? How does line further the artist’s intent in this image? What emotive and conceptual/informational effects do line play in this image’s total viewing? Discuss foreshortening and value modification and how lines effect illusion of space and depth in viewing?
Discuss and analyze the form element of shape. How is shape made manifest in this painting…. Is it through contrast of color, texture, value, or through line? What kinds of shape are present or absent in this painting? What functions do they serve as descriptive elements, and how do they further the style of the painting and further the artist’s intent or theme? What emotive or conceptual/informational effects do shapes play in total image viewing. Do movement or motion play a role in this image….if so, how? Discuss proportion in this painting and how it relates to size of shapes and affects the overall visual effect of the reality illustrated and an illusion of space.
Discuss the form element of Value. Where and what kinds of light sources are present in this painting? Does chiaroscuro, tenebrism, low-key, high key, plastic, decorative, abstract, or some other kind of value system of light rendering exist? How is value technically achieved is this painting through use/modification or applied medium. Is glazing or impasto employed…explain and elaborate? What function do these techniques and value rendering serve to describe surface,volume, texture, and depth?
Discuss the form element of Texture. What types of texture are used in this painting (simulated, implied, real, abstract, or invented)? How is texture achieved technically in this painting? Do motif or pattern play a textural role in this painting? Are encaustic or other mixed media technique utilized?
Discuss the form element of color. What is the overall tonality of color found in this work of art…is it warm or cool? Are analogous, split-compliments, and/or complementary colors employed? Define and discuss the principle of simultaneous contrast and relate to your observations of color in this painting. Is local color employed? Define value, hue, intensity, high-key color, low-key color, neutrals, or monochromatic color employed? Discuss objective and subjective color and push-pull optical color…are they employed? Does symbolic color play a role in the paintings subject matter and style of the image?
Discuss Unity and Harmony. What organizational devices/systems have been used by the artist to tie together and unify the diverse elements used? Have repetition, distribution, rhythm and economy been used to effect unification in this painting?
The only major assignment you have in this course (no quizzes, tests, or exams) is the 12-15 page analysis paper (MLA typed in Word MLA format) that you need to email to me at anthony.nicoli@aol.com by May 2, 2022. Your grade performance will be primarily evaluated based upon your written paper (paper is worth 87/100points…attendance viewing of canvas imbedded dvd’s worth 13/100 points). You need to email me an image and information concerning which painting (and painter) you will be discussing/analyzing in your paper by for my feedback and hopeful approval by February 14, 2022. At that time, I may give you input concerning which painting/artist will have the most research material available to you. Once approved, prior to the final submission of the paper on May 2, 2022, an optional, typed draft of your paper can be emailed to me by April 8, 2022 for my review and input.
It is important for you to realize that I will be liberal and understanding with regard to the grade that I ultimately will be assigning you this semester, due to the academic and life hardship that you have experienced during this period of time. We are all in this together and I realize that it hasn’t been easy to adapt to the many difficulties that we have all encountered. So, relax and take it easy….I will be as fair and supportive as possible…. Email me the term paper you have done! You must do so by May, 2, 2022. If you need more time to complete your paper, email me and I will consider giving you a non-punitive “I” Incomplete grade (I will then need to see your paper by October 21, 2022 to give you a final grade to substitute for the I grade that you were given). Contact me with any questions or problems you might have at anthony.nicoli@aol.com rather than canvas…Tony Nicoli
Works cited page.
A sample of a 15 page paper on an Impressionist Painting “Gare St. Lazare” by Monet for your reference is attached :