The paper should be 1200–1800 words long. This is not a research paper. I wan

The paper should be 1200–1800 words long.
This is not a research paper. I want to hear your own ideas. But if you do use outside resources, you must cite them clearly and thoroughly. Otherwise, you are guilty of plagiarism, and you will receive a grade of zero on the assignment. Outside sources include websites, journal articles, books, and any person other than yourself. Use whatever style of citation you are most comfortable with – MLA, APA, or Chicago. (If you are not familiar with any of these citation formats, please follow this guide Download this guide.) The important thing is that the reader should be able to see which ideas are not your own and where those ideas came from.
You are not allowed to submit a paper in this course that you have submitted in another course. Any such recycled paper will receive a grade of zero.
You will turn in your paper by uploading it. Here is how to do that. First, save your paper on your computer as a .docx, .pdf, or .txt file. Then click on the ‘Submit Assignment’ button. Then click on ‘Choose File.’ Select your paper from the list of files. Once your file has uploaded, click ‘Submit Assignment.’ You should then see ‘Submission Turned In’ (with a green check-mark).
You are free to write on a topic that you come up with on your own. Your topic must include a theory or a concept covered in this course, and I must approve it before you begin writing. Otherwise, you may write on one of the following topics: