Therioes: 1. Trait Approach, 2. Behaviorial Approach, 3. Situational Approach, 4

Therioes: 1. Trait Approach, 2. Behaviorial Approach, 3. Situational Approach, 4. Skills Approach, 5. Contingency Approach, 6. Transactional and transformational approach, 7. Servant Leadership Approach
Your 3-4 page paper should focus on the leadership aspects of the film and must incorporate at least 3 leadership theories from course materials. The film you select should be pre-approved by the instructor unless already listed in the list of approved movies
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Rather than spending time summarizing the film, be sure your paper focuses on the application of your selected leadership theories (at least 3). The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your knowledge and application of leadership theories discussed in this course to date.
While viewing the film, identify leaders and leadership situations, observe and note how different characters interact and react to each other, and analyze those exchanges in the context of the leadership theories we have discussed in order to accurately map theory to practice in your paper.
Consider the following questions as you watch and construct your paper:
Can you identify a single leader?
Are there multiple leaders and/or leadership situations?
What kind of leadership behavior/style/skill does the leader exhibit?
What about the followers, how do they behave?
How are they treated by the leader?
Do you see any of the leadership theories we’ve studied in action?
Your paper should be 3-4 full pages, not including any cover pages or reference lists required by your style guide of choice (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.). Use Times New Roman, size 12 as your font.
Be sure to include both in-text citations and a reference/works cited page appropriately formatted for all material taken directly or paraphrased from another source.
This paper is worth 15 points.
For helpful information on citing movies in APA, visit:
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This assignment provides an opportunity to apply course theories by identifying and critically analyzing leaders and leadership themes, theories, situations, etc. through film. Your 3-4 page paper should focus on the leadership aspects of the film and must incorporate 3 leadership theories from course materials. Although not required, I would encourage you to use theories we have already covered instead of choosing ones we will explore over the next few weeks.
Your first paper was reflective in nature. This paper is focused on your application of knowledge and requires you to demonstrate your understanding of course theories. In identifying the theories you see applied in the films, it is important to be as specific as you can in mapping and helping the reader understand WHY you are choosing a particular theory for application.
Although the first paper did not require you to utilize course materials to support your claims, this assignment does. You should substantiate and support your arguments with relevant, appropriately cited paraphrased concepts and quotes from the book/course material. This not only assists the uninformed reader understand the material and terms, it also helps to further support your choice of theory in those particular applications. You are required to choose ONE MOVIE and apply at least three (3) leadership theories from course materials in your analysis. Please note that describing the delegating and coaching styles of the Situational Leadership theory does not constitute 2 theories. Rather, they are both components of the theory/concept of Situational Leadership.
The paper should include citations both in-text and in a reference/work cited list formatted appropriately and consistently for the style guide of your choosing (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). If you have questions about style guides and formatting, visit the More Resources page for helpful links and tools. You should cite any and all ideas/concepts that are not originally yours. Although some style guides suggest or require you include an abstract, those are not necessary for this course.
Take a moment to review your individual feedback, as well as the overall class feedback in the Announcement Personal Leadership Story & Learning Plan Grades Released . Be sure to reflect on that feedback and incorporate it into this assignment.
Remember, leave yourself enough time to proofread your paper several times and/or get the writing assistance you need through the resources available to you.
This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade.