“This assignment is an opportunity to reflect on your experience with an HR pers

“This assignment is an opportunity to reflect on your experience with an HR perspective analysis. You are to write one paper based on one of your HR experiences.
You will want to change the organization name and people names for confidentiality purposes.
1) Describe a HRM situation you have experienced or observed in a part-time job.
2) Explain how the managers/parties involved (employee and employer) handled this situation.
3) Present a critical analysis of the way it was handled including
Strengths & weaknesses of how the situation was handled by management and staff Short, medium and long-term consequences to HR and the business;
Impact on motivation to other employees or management
Financial consequences to the business or employee
4) Identify the HR functions of the business that this experience affected. Comment on the integration or relationship to the other business components of the organization.Please identify which functions were not present and what the impact might be on the organization with the missing activity.
5) What recommendations would you make to the business to better handle this situation and tell me why you are making those recommendations (support your points with theoretical rationales; make sure that your recommendations are practical and doable in the context).
6) What have each of you learned from this experience?
Structure of the Essay
• Printing using size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cm margins.
Marking Criteria
Depth of analysis, and relevancy of observations 40% Integration of theories, value of recommendations 30% Structure, consistency and rigour of development 20% Grammar, style and professionalism of the document 10%
This assignment is worth 15% of your final mark.