This is a research method essay and the topic on this is “The inclusion of ethni

This is a research method essay and the topic on this is “The inclusion of ethnic minorities in sports coaching”.
Below are two different files regarding the assignment. The powerpoint includes some examples for me to use and its a guide for me, its best if you look at both files before you start and follow the instruction given.
5LMS0085 Research Methods for Sports Studies
Research Proposal
Format: Written Coursework
Task: This research proposal is an opportunity to consider a research
area and how you will investigate it. This assignment asks you to produce a
formal proposal of 2000 words describing the research project you intend to
pursue for your final year research project.
Using appropriate and clear
sub-headings the research proposal should encompass the following sections:
Using appropriate and clear
sub-headings the research proposal should encompass the following sections:
Introduction: Clear and appropriate
title; Succinct introduction to the research proposal and area of study.
outline the key literature that informs the intended research; Identification
of a key study if using one; Leads into the research proposal and sets the
and Research Question(s) (traditionally
qualitative) / Hypothesis (traditionally
quantitative): Clear purpose and aim
of the intended study; Clear and appropriate research question(s) or hypothesis
(note that research questions are NOT
interview questions).
research design (i.e. consideration of
research traditions, paradigms and approaches); Awareness of quantitative
versus qualitative research methods; Proposed data collection methods (eg. interviews, focus groups, ethnography, surveys,
questionnaires) and analysis methods; Consideration given to the logistics
of the study, (e.g. target group, number
of participants, age range of participants, sampling method, participant
selection – inclusion exclusion criteria, accessibility, and timeline).
and Reliability:
(i.e. consideration of validity and
reliability for quantitative research studies; consideration for the
consistency of methods and areas of rigour, credibility; authenticity,
trustworthiness, and reflexivity for qualitative research studies).
and Real-world Impact:
Understanding of the value of the work within the academic subject discipline
(i.e. identification of how the intended
study will contribute to existing knowledge); You will need to rationalise
and justify throughout this section.
summary of the main emphasis of the research proposal and area of study.
References: Accurate referencing
style; Inclusion of a range of up to date sources, correctly formatted.
date: UH Week 40,submit an electronic copy of
your work through Canvas by Friday 29th April 2022 at 15:30. Include your word count.
Learning Outcomes:
the role of research as it applies to sports studies.
aware of the key components involved in designing a research proposal.
a potential sports studies research design.
appropriate methods of data collection and analysis.
Overall Module Grade: This assignment will contribute60% of the final module grade.
Format: Font: Arial Size: 11 Paragraph: 1.5 line spacing, block
Structure: Introduction, Overview of
key literature, Research Question(s)/Hypothesis, Methodology;Validity and
Reliability; Justification and Impact; Conclusion; References; Appendices (using appropriatesub-headings).
Word count guideline: Maximum 2000 words
(excluding reference list and appendices). Include your word count.
Feedback:Please review your module
guide (Please book a staff surgery if you require further feedback)