Topic Approval: o You will submit a topic approval that explains the relationshi

Topic Approval:
o You will submit a topic approval that explains the relationship at hand and the main area of focus for
your research. Why this relationship? Why this particular focus or why the particular topic?
o In order to make sure you will have relevant research for your topic, you will provide evidence of
finding articles early in the process. You will find two research articles related to your paper. For each
article, you will type an APA citation, provide a brief summary of the article (150-200 words), and
indicate why this article is important and/or how you plan to use this article in your paper.
You will type a 5-6-page (approximately 1000-1500 words) double-spaced (1-inch margins)
application research paper to exhibit your knowledge and understanding about an interpersonal
communication behavior or issue within a specific personal relationship. For example, you may want to
examine elements of cultural communication with a new friend, conflict with a parent, listening skills
with a romantic partner, power issues with a co-worker, forgiveness with a friend, etc. As an overview,
you will synthesize research from at least four scholarly research journal articles related to your
communication topic and/or this type of relationship, and then link this new knowledge to the specific
personal relationship you have selected for analysis.