TOPIC : Over the past 350 years, new advances and theories in science or technol

TOPIC : Over the past 350 years, new advances and theories in science or technology have often prompted varied cultural reactions within the spheres of literature, art, society, and religion. Consider the relationship of science to culture broadly conceived by discussing the far-reaching repercussions of the scientific revolution and its successors.
Please use these for the writing for references Be sure to consider representative figures and their contexts (such as Galileo/Rembrandt/church, Newton/Locke/Enlightenment, Guillotine/French Revolution/Napoleon, Industrialization/Social Utopias, Darwinism/Imperialism/Nietzsche/church, technologies of total war/literature/art, Einstein/Heisenberg/Freud/Anxiety/Existentialism, radio/totalitarianism, television/computer/end of cold war, etc.)
Organization: Before you begin writing, reflect thoughtfully on one of the above questions. Organize your ideas into an outline that includes your thesis idea and supporting arguments. Be sure to consider evidence for your arguments from the primary texts, as well as opposing points of view.
2. Conceptual Goals: Your essay should not merely summarize, but rather analyze the texts. You should begin by clearly stating your thesis and what you hope to cover; at the end you should state your conclusion(s) clearly. The path between those two points should follow a logical progression. Be sure to underline your thesis statement in your first or second sentence.
3. Citations: You should always support your arguments with primary evidence from the texts. Select appropriate evidence and explain its relevance to your argument. Any quotations must be integrated by properly identifying the author, title, and genre of the source within the introductory phrase. Be sure to cite its source (page number in Lualdi or PDF in parentheses) references to the lecture should include the date: (Lazar, March 10). Do NOT use outside sources.
4. Audience: Your hypothetical reader should be a fellow classmate: an informed, interested individual who does not necessarily share your views. While always cognizant that your interpretations are contingent, show why they are the most convincing.
5. Style: Present your ideas in your own words and do not use words whose meanings are unfamiliar to you. An essay is a formal piece of writing, however, in which colloquialisms and contractions are not appropriate. Feel free to use the first person singular. Mistakes in spelling, grammar, and diction are not trivial.