Word Length: 900-1100 words (make sure that you do not write over 1100 words). P

Word Length: 900-1100 words (make sure that you do not write over 1100 words).
Please write an essay specifically on the following topic, after carefully reading the required paper.
The aim should be to provide your own criticisms and arguments (rather than mere opinions) in response to the arguments that are provided in the required reading. It can help to imagine you are having a conversation with the author and she is treating you as an equal (where you want to be doing enough to contribute to the conversation without changing the subject). Make sure to keep referencing the texts you use by page numbers, for each point from the papers that you address. Of course, you shouldn’t try to address every point; rather, you should try to determine which points are most relevant and important, and most susceptible to criticism (or might be helped out by being further defended).
Think carefully about how to structure your paper, and provide the reader with a clear sense of that structure in the introduction. You should first write a rough draft of the essay, and give yourself plenty of time to carefully and critically read through this draft (imagine you are someone else reading it!), improving it as you do so. It’s always best to write multiple drafts.
TOPIC: Is it morally wrong for a woman to secure an abortion during the early stages of pregnancy? Focus primarily on pregnant adult women whose pregnancies are not the result of being raped and who are not facing unusual health risks due to their pregnancy. Describe and assess the answer that Judith Jarvis Thomson would give to this precise question with this precise focus, and the arguments she provides for the conclusion she reaches.
REQUIRED READING: Judith Jarvis Thomson, “A Defense of Abortion”, in Russ Shafer- Landau, The Ethical Life, 5th Edition, OUP, 2021, 333-346.
*You must read and carefully discuss this paper.