Your Final Exam/Paper for the course should expand on what you have learned in t

Your Final Exam/Paper for the course should expand on what you have learned in the discussions, readings, and individual assignments. Your responses to the below question must apply and relate the course competencies below:
Course Competencies:
CLO1: Examine the role of correctional organizations in the criminal Justice system.
CLO2: Identify the historical, sociological, and political impact of punishment and incarceration.
CLO3: Distinguish the structures of correctional organizations.
CLO4: Evaluate sentencing discretion and alternatives.
CLO5: Discuss community corrections, probation & parole.
CLO6: Elaborate current trends in corrections including “private prisons”, restorative justice, etc.
CLO7: Estimate the impact of “prisonization” on inmates.
CLO8: Assess offender classification and Direct Supervision.
CLO9: Examine both the pros and cons of the death penalty.
Essay Questions:
What was were some of the potential consequences of the hands-off doctrine?
Explain the benefit of bail to an offender, community corrections, and the role of the correctional organization.
How does moving away from indeterminate sentencing affect the use of parole?
Explain why the American prison population is getting older and the different types of correction settings that these special needs offenders can be housed.
Explain. Rhodes v. Chapman as an appropriate ruling in regard to inmate constitutional rights?
Parameters for the Final Exam
1 – 2 pages per essay question.
A minimum 2 sources for each essay question.
APA format in its complete style. Please make sure that you are following this element and that you are free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
As with APA, your paper should have 1 inch margins and 1.5 spacing in 11 font.