Your final project for this course is to develop and write an original legal res

Your final project for this course is to
develop and write an original legal research paper.
TASK: Drawing upon your education and your
real-world experience, your assignment is to identify and explore an issue or
problem associated with one of the Constitutional provisions relevant to the
criminal justice system that we have covered in this course. In your paper, you
1) Define and explain the issue/problem
2) Summarize the case law that is
applicable to this issue
3) Identify and explain the main effect(s)
of the issue on the Criminal Justice system
4) Explain how decisions handed down by
the U.S. Supreme Court have helped criminal justice professionals know what is
and what is not permissible regarding the issue
5) Explain any gaps in knowledge about
this issue that has yet to be clarified by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the
resulting issue(s) that this presents
SCOPE: The length of your paper is 18-20
substantive pages (not including title page, references, and appendices). When
choosing a topic, be sure that there is adequate information to cover and
discuss in an assignment of this scope. At the same time, be sure that your
topic is properly narrowed to allow you to cover the various aspects of your
issue thoroughly. You will be awarded more points for covering a few important
points thoroughly than you will be awarded for skimming the surface of a large
number of points.
A good paper will have:
• A concise thesis statement
• A clear organizational strategy
• Appropriate transition throughout the
• No errors that interfere with
readability or professional presentation
Your paper must:
• Be 18-20 pages in length, excluding
title pages, references, and appendices
• Be double-spaced, typed in 12-point Times
New Roman Font, and have
1-inch margins
• Utilize a minimum of eight (8) scholarly
(peer-reviewed) journal articles
• Discuss the application of a minimum of
eight (8) U.S. Supreme Court cases
• Utilize either APA format and
referencing (if you have questions about research paper format and citations,
Purdue University has an excellent website at
REMINDER: Your research paper must be an
original work, created and submitted exclusively for this course. Submitting a
paper identical to or substantially similar to a paper submitted for any other
course will be considered an act of academic dishonesty.
One (1) letter grade will be deducted from
the final research paper grade for each full or partial page that a paper is
short of the total length requirement, and for any other assignment
requirements that are not met. Likewise, one (1) letter grade will be deducted
from the final paper grade for any component of the research paper assignment
that is not submitted in a timely fashion and approved by the professor.
Your paper must have a minimum of eight
(8) references from peer-reviewed journals. Four (4) of the references must
have been written within the last four (4) years. Direct quotes should limited
and used only when a paraphrase or summary would cause the meaning to be lost.
I would expect to see no more than one (1) direct quote for each page of your
paper’s text. Scholarly research should help you form your own points that will
be developed in the paper. Even if they are cited appropriately, using the work
of others as a substantial portion of your paper will result in a failing