Your task is to develop a “glocal education tool-kit” that you can access in you

Your task is to develop a “glocal education tool-kit” that you can access in your current practice and future career. The following parameters need to be considered:
1. Before you begin developing your toolkit, choose a topic or theme by aligning your toolkit with one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
2. Your tool-kit needs a minimum of five activities to promote global engagement and understanding. The tool-kit can include the activity you developed in Lesson 10. The activities do not need to be originally designed by you; you are welcome to have activities that you found on a website as long as you identify the source.
3. The tool-kit should be geared toward a particular age range (e.g. K-gr. 3, gr. 4-6, gr. 7-8, gr. 9-12) and this should be clearly stated.
4. Each activity should incorporate at least the following aspects (but also consider issues such as differentiation for different learning needs, assessment, extensions, etc.):
Activity Name:
Intended Learning Outcomes:
Resources Required:
5. Include a 300-500 word reflection that identifies the key learning you have experienced in developing the toolkit and other aspects of learning you may have had as you engaged in this course.
6. Presentation of the tool-kit and reflection: Collect the five activities and the reflection statement into a portfolio format. You will submit the tool-kit as a PDF
The toolkit should be 10-15 pages in total length (including the reflection and references).
If you are looking for an example of a tool-kit, check out this one from the Thames Valley District School Board: