1. How familiar are you with problem/solution essays? (One sentence – 1 point) C

1. How familiar are you with problem/solution essays? (One sentence – 1 point) Choose one:
I have never heard of problem/solution essays.
I have heard of problem/solution essays, but my understanding is unclear.
I am not sure I could clearly explain problem/solution essays, though I have written at least one before.
I can clearly explain problem/solution essays and have written at least one.
2. Even if you have never written a formal academic problem/solution essay, list other informal ways in which you may have otherwise conducted researchin your life and for what purposes (25 words – 1 point)
3. Brainstorm ways that you think finding solutions or conducting researchmay come to play a role in your pathway/career of interest (for example: under what circumstances would someone in Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation (IMCT); Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); or Social / Behavioral Sciences & Human Services (SBSHS) need to conduct research? (@25 words – 1 point).
4. Review course notes on What Problem/Solution Writing Is, paying special attention to the Key Takeaways. Carefully read the sample essay. Identify at least three ways in which the sample essay demonstrates Problem/Solution Essay Key Takeaways. Point to specific parts of the essay, quoting for support (@150 words – 6 points).
The problem/solution essay is not the same as an opposing viewpoints persuasive essay. Be sure to consult corresponding course content and a resource like this guide to writing this kind of essay.