BUSINESS MANAGEMENT :YEAR 1 Module: Principles of Marketing – MC4061QA Intake:

Module: Principles of Marketing – MC4061QA
Intake: November 21 – Semester 2
Assessment: Individual written Report (1500 words)
Weighting: 100%
Deadline: Mon 18th July 2022 before 3pm via Turnitin
The aim of the assessment is to enable you to apply the knowledge gained during the module and to analyse the service marketing issues affecting one organisation in a particular service sector.
You are required to choose an organisation which operates in the UK from any of the following service sectors:
Professional services
Creative industries
Financial services
Not for Profit/Charity
You must produce a marketing report which includes the following in relation to your chosen organisation:
Analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) facing the organisation based on properly referenced sources.
Identification of the organisation’s key service marketing challenges (Weakness and Threats) for the next 3 years, drawing on secondary research and analysis.
Analyses the threats through the lens of theoretical principles of services marketing and provide recommendations to overcome challenges within the constraints of Strengths and Opportunities.
The report should be 1500 words maximum (without appendices). Please use tables and diagrams where possible to stay within the word count.
Assessment Criteria
*The use of the relevant services marketing theories and analytical framework in your answer to the above tasks.
*Evidence of well-structured and logical marketing report with introduction, main body, and conclusion.
*Word limit 1500 words maximum (excluding references and appendices)
Note about Academic Misconduct:
Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s words or ideas as if they are your own. In line with university regulations, any form of plagiarism will have severe consequences. Please make every effort to reference all sources of material in both text and reference pages.
————————— End of Assessment brief ———————————————-