Choose ONE of the following sporting events that are taking place over the summe

Choose ONE of the following sporting events that are taking place over the summer and carry out the associated analysis:
Time Period to be Analysed
Women’s Euro Champs 2022
The first half of any game
Number of right foot passes v left foot passes for each team
Set of any match
Number of backhand v forehands for each player
Any televised game
First half of any game
Number of passes to the right v passes to the left for each team
The Open
1 hour of TV coverage
Number shots landing on the fairway, rough, green, bunker, other
Any Diamond League event or similar
1 male and 1 female 400m race
Number of steps from start to finish for each athlete in the race
In each case this data can be supplemented with any additional data that is available over the analysis period e.g. goals/points scored for each team/person, gender, time, place etc that will allow you to derive a research question of interest, for example:
Are the number of passes of a team reflective of the performance of the team with respect to goals scored?
In terms of your submission, you are required to:
Submit a Poster describing the analysis of your data. The poster should be of an academic nature and it can use the template supplied. The poster should include the following elements:
A suitable title that reflects the analysis you are carrying out
An abstract that describes your project and its results
Some background research into data usage in the chosen sport with references
A photograph of you gathering the data
A statistic/graphic to display the data gathered
Discussion and conclusions of the analysis
The poster will be marked using the rubric assigned to previous assessments in this module (see below)