find topic in the book please!!!!! Essay #2, Summer 2022 Length, 650–800 words

find topic in the book please!!!!!
Essay #2, Summer 2022
Length, 650–800 words
Typed according to MLA Format (Be sure to double space everything).
Please choose one of the following topics for Essay #2.
Topic 1: (Relating to “Under the Influence”). Scott Sanders writes about his father’s alcoholism and how it affected his whole family. You may write about any person that you know who has (or had) a serious problem. The problem does not have to be an addiction—it can be any serious problem, such as medical, legal, academic, psychological, financial, etc. Discuss how the problem affected the person as well as other people such as family members, friends, acquaintances.
Topic 2: (Relating to “What Fullness Is”). Roxanne Gay writes about her decision to have weight-loss surgery. She discusses what caused her to make this decision as well as the consequences, some of which are positive, some negative. Write about an important decision that you have made at any point in your life. What were the circumstances that lead to your decision? What are/were the consequences? Provide enough background information and follow-up information so that your readers can understand the significance of your decision.
Topic 3: (Relating to ‘Graduation”). Maya Angelou writes about the time leading up to her eighth-grade graduation ceremony and the event itself. Regarding the ceremony, Angelou says that “the ancient tragedy was being replayed” (378). What happens toward the end of the ceremony that helps to change and resist this “ancient tragedy”? With her experiences in mind, write a personal essay about an incident or event you anticipated with hope and happiness but that did not fulfill your expectations. Provide an explanation of how and why you were disappointed, as Angelou does in her essay. (The event does not have to be a ceremony; it can be any event that was important to you).
Topic 4: (Relating to “Working at Wendy’s”). Joey Franklin writes about the relatively brief time he spent working at Wendy’s, an American fast-food restaurant. He uses detailed examples and dialogue to help us understand the job, his co-workers, and other circumstances relating to his experience. With these techniques in mind, write about a job that you have (or had). What were some of the best and worst aspects of the job?
Topic 5: (Relating to from Fun Home). This is one chapter from Allison Bechdel’s book-length memoir about her father. At first glance, it may look like a comic book, and she refers to her memoir as “tragic-comic,” but most readers see much more tragedy than comedy here. Discuss your reactions to Bechdel’s overall “portrait” of her father. What are the characteristics that surprised or shocked you about him? If you like, discuss the effects of her many references to Greek mythology, particularly the references to the characters Daedalus and Icarus.
Topic 6: (Relating to “Aretha Franklin Was the Defining Voice of the 20th Century”). Jack Hamilton gives an overview of Aretha Franklin’s amazing career, and then focuses in detail on one of her songs. Choose one of your favorite musicians/artists and write a profile of him or her along with a detailed focus on a particular song or work.