HR 903: Talent and Workforce Management Overview: 4 pages (1,100 words) Referenc

903: Talent and Workforce Management
4 pages (1,100 words)
Reference: 4 sources.
APA6. (Any of the listed sources can be used.)
Write 4 pages on talent
and workforce management as it relates to your topic of research, organization,
and problem or opportunity in your capstone project, an effectiveness
improvement plan.
How do you find the right
people for the right positions in an organization? Which strategies should be
used for retaining high-achieving and necessary employees? In the next
component of your capstone project, you will reflect on what you have learned
about recruitment and retention. Make certain to consider the effect of technology
and the Internet on the planning, staffing, and recruiting process, as well as
on measuring strategy effectiveness.
The adept HRM
professional will successfully implement strategies to meet the staffing needs
of an organization and find qualified applicants for each position while
integrating legal and ethical guidelines for hiring. The process may include
internal and external processes. Additionally, the successful HRM professional
will use various strategies to retain necessary and high-achieving employees.
Recall your work in this program on the seven components of strategic staffing:
o Workforce
o Sourcing
o Recruiting.
o Selecting
o Acquiring
o Developing
o Retaining
Keep in mind the big
picture, including the organizational mission, approaches, and benefits to a
diverse workforce, as well as legal compliance and ethical decision making as
you complete the next project component of your capstone project.
o For
this assessment, your focus is on how HRM practices support talent and
workforce management strategies.
o This
is the third component of your capstone project.
o For
this assessment, complete the following:
§ Research
and analyze current articles that do the following:
Link HRM practices to
talent and workforce management strategies.
Consider HRM’s role in
thinking critically about solutions in the context of strategic management.
§ Evaluate
your chosen organization’s strategic management capabilities in order to
develop a strategy to improve talent and workforce management.
§ Analyze
approaches to total rewards that may affect performance.
§ Analyze
both the ethical and the legal responsibilities that relate to talent and
workforce management, both in the organization and in society as a whole.