HR 904: Strategy and Culture Overview: 4 pages (1,100 words) Reference: 4 source

904: Strategy and Culture
4 pages (1,100 words)
Reference: 4 sources.
APA6. (Any of the listed sources can be used.)
Write 4 pages on strategy
and culture as it relates to your topic of research, organization, and problem
or opportunity in your capstone project, an effectiveness improvement plan.
The next component of
your capstone project will focus on evaluating the strategy of your plan.
Examine your approach in terms of strategic HRM for organizational success and
competitive advantage. Consider whether your plan is aligned to the business
strategy. Evaluate the connection between HRM strategy and organizational
strategy in the global environment if applicable. Make certain to assess the
importance of HRM strategy to organizational sustainability and specific firm
HRM strategies form the
nucleus of a successful organization. They bring together the elements of culture,
organization, and HR systems for synergy and effectiveness. Without these
strategies, and without leadership that is not only willing but serious about
implementing, monitoring, and refining them, the organization will lose
valuable ground. HRM strategies can be used to support the employee experience
and make the organization successful and competitive. Reflect on your program
learning to inform your progress.
o For
this assessment, your focus is on HR’s strategic role and building organizational
o Note:
This is the fourth component of your capstone project.
o Research
current articles that explore strategy and culture to complete the following:
§ Analyze
HRM’s role in building organizational culture.
§ Develop
a strategy for working within the organizational culture, as you develop
leadership and consultation approaches for implementing your plan to improve
organizational effectiveness.
§ Assess
the cultural factors that will likely affect the development and implementation
of your plan.
Consider the employee
life cycle and employee experience within your selected organization.
§ Analyze
both the ethical and the legal responsibilities related to culture, both in the
organization and in society as a whole.