question 1
After reading the article posted in the media file and the chapter information provided, what is your opinion about psychologists testimony. For many years and still continuing it has been argued that psychology is not an exact science. What are some of the detterants, for example, physician who practices orthopedics can identify via xray that your leg is broken.
question 2
After watching the videos posted on the Daubert standard and chapter reading, what do you think should be included as scientific evidence. The videos can be found in the media rich files contained within the chapter folder.
question 3
Discuss Tarasoff. Duty to warn. Do you think the counselor who did not report should be held responsible. Do you think Tarasoff is a good standard? As a social worker the first statement to any client is”What we say in here or together is between us and only us, Unless you say you intend to harm youself or others”.
Two weeks ago, I had a client who named a third party who stated to my client that he was going to shoot up the school my client went to!
Do you think I have a duty to warn, why or why not.