I am doing my intern at an addiction recovery systems. I haven’t meant with any

I am doing my intern at an addiction recovery systems. I haven’t meant with any clients by myself yet I have just been shadowing. In there office just us two and the client. We have done Bio and intakes. Don’t worry about the supervisor comments section. Please follow instructions
Part 1: Provide a brief description (no more than a 1/2 page, typed and
double-spaced) of the client/client group situation as background for
the process recording. Describe the setting in a way that “paints a
picture” of your exchange (Who is present? How are you seated?).
Part 2: A process recording describes
the exact verbal and nonverbal exchanges that occurred during a specific
interaction with a client from the best of the student’s memory. Students are not to actually record the client interaction. The process recording does not need to capture an entire session with the client,
but rather a meaningful segment that is representative of the
interaction or that posed a learning opportunity or challenge. The
process recording should be in a four-column format report and each line
of this section must be numbered (1-3 single-spaced pages):
Column 1: The dialogue between you and the client as well as a description of the client’s non-verbal communications. This
dialogue column should record the verbal and non-verbal exchange
between you and the client as it actually occurred, i.e. the “content”
of the interaction, body language, vocal quality, etc. Please complete
this from the best of your memory. Students are not to actually record
clients. *See this example for a sample of the dialogue section of this assignment.
Download this example for a sample of the dialogue section of this assignment.
Column 2: Your feelings/gut reaction to the client’s verbal and non-verbal communications. The feelings column describes your “gut reactions”, i.e. how you were feeling about
what you were hearing or what was happening in the interaction and not
your assessment of what the client is feeling/thinking.
Column 3: Shulman skills used – What skill(s) did you use in the moment and why? This analysis column describes your interpretation of what is “going on” between you and the client.
Column 4: Field Instructor Comments. This
column provides space for the field instructor to add comments
throughout the Process Recording. The comments may be handwritten or
typed electronically, but must be included prior to submission. Comments
must be present in this column in order for the assignment to be
considered complete.
Part 3: Write a page and a
half (doubled-spaced) of your analysis and feedback on the process,
referring to specific line numbers within your process recording in the
previous part of the assignment.
Identify your goal(s) and discuss how successful you were in achieving your goals (provide supporting examples).
What theory/theories impacted how you viewed your client’s/clients’ behaviors and informed your intervention(s)?
In what area(s) did you perform well (provide support)?
What errors did you make and what might you do differently if you had the opportunity?
What questions do you have for your Field Instructor and/or what would you like to discuss in supervision?