I need a master’s “capstone project” designed as a literature review of approxim

I need a master’s “capstone project” designed as a literature review of approximately 25-30 pages. I also need all editing and formatting done. I have the topic, the articles and the bibliography as well as about 8 pages of introduction
Look at files for more instructions. the format is APA 7 so it follows the standard identification of issues, discussion of presenting problems, review of literature, synthesis of literature, analysis assessment and evaluation, implications for social work practice it is for a masters program in social work and the topic is elder abuse cover page, abstract, acknowledgement, table of content, body of report, references,
i do have all the articles, and an introduction
i also have a bibliography that will need to be edited for actual content
I really like the articles on AIM methodology and psychosocial interventions. I really struggled to come up with my research questions but I think this literature review should emphasize the progress made in elder abuse reasearch and practice with a focus on addressing the issue of adult children as the perpatrator and those relationship dynamics. I wanted to talk about practices and interventions used by medical social workers in a hospital setting but that is not mandatory