In this assignment, you will put your research skills to use and create your own

In this assignment, you will put your research skills to use and create your own preliminary research study proposal. Remember you are developing a plan with a proposal- you are not actually doing the research. This assignment is based on your Pico Topic that you have developed from your other assignments. This is not a new research proposal topic. Access all of the previous course material as you formulate your proposal outline.
This assignment is designed to pull together what you have learned across the semester and to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the elements of a research proposal. You must include your independent and dependent variables. Hint: Think of yourself as a nurse researcher conducting a nursing research study and this is your proposal.
You will present your research proposal as a 13-15 slide PowerPoint (this is not inclusive of your title slide or your reference slide) and submit the PowerPoint here for a grade. Then you will create a voiceover, Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an external site.), or platform of your choice to submit a file or link to share with your instructor here. You must cover the eight (8) areas listed below for your presentation. Your voiceover presentation must be at least 15 minutes in length.
Create your independent research question and hypothesis. Do not use a mixed-method for your research proposal. It must be either qualitative or quantitative.
Introduction- State Problem
Purpose of your Study (Hypothesis)
What are your research questions? Describe whether you would use a quantitative or qualitative approach to answer the question. Provide an evidence-based rationale for this decision.
Literature Review- Include a summary of the review of the literature (Must be 4-6 articles) you have gathered for your research question.
Describe the population you would use in your study. Provide an evidence-based rationale for this decision. How would you sample this chosen population? What is your sample size? Include variables and study sample as well as the inclusion and exclusion criteria and independent and dependent variables.
Include research method and validity of the design. Be sure to include a tool used for collecting data.
Analysis should include an explanation of a statistical test used in a quantitative study or with a qualitative study be sure to discuss coding and themes to help answer the research question. Be sure to explain the statistical test and/or the coding method chosen.
Conclusion/Summary is to include the application of proposed research to nursing practice.
Use the work from your Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review to inform your proposal outline
Download the Research Proposal Outline Rubric (Links to an external site.).
Note, that this is a Turnitin (TII) assignment. Turnitin only allows one file submission. Please ensure all of your work is in a single document before submitting it.