one-page proposal that includes a brief description of the topic you will be res

one-page proposal that includes a brief description of the topic you will be researching and why it’s of interest to you. Include a statement about why or how this topic is significant from an Indigenous perspective. Also, feel free to identify any concerns you have with researching or writing your essay.
1. Choose a topic that is of interest to you related to any aspect of Indigenous histories in Canada. Be sure your topic is specific enough to write about within the page limit for the assignment, but broad enough to cover relevant historical details.
Possible Topics
These are suggestions only – you may write about anything you are interested in related to Indigenous
Peoples’ Perspectives on History.
Use one of the course articles and do additional research on the topic. For example: decolonizing
libraries; Indigenizing museum practices; history of the Haudenosaunee and The Great Law of Peace
Review and analyze a film for its portrayal of Indigenous Peoples (e.g., Disney’s Pocahontas; Dances
With Wolves; Avatar; The New World; Beans)
Review and analyze one of the following graphic novels (available online through SFU library):
This Place: 150 Years Retold
The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book
Find an online newspaper or other non-academic article that describes or discusses an historical
event of importance to Indigenous Peoples. Analyze the article (i.e., the images, the language
used, the assumptions or biases of the author, etc.). Does the newspaper article accurately
represent Indigenous perspectives?
2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver
Pipeline protests (Wet’su’wet’en)
Missing & murdered Indigenous women and girls
Specific residential schools
The Oka Crisis
Write about the significance of reclaiming Two-Spirit identity in Indigenous communities.
Aboriginal women and The Indian Act – early activism, changes through legislation, impacts such
as poverty, violence, health
Indigenous and non-Indigenous debates about the value of the current Indian Act
Write about Aboriginal rights and title in Canada, by examining one of the following cases:
Calder Case
Sparrow Case
Powley Case
Research an Indigenous art form or practice and write about its historical significance to
Indigenous Peoples in today’s world. (e.g., carving totem poles; making masks; pow wow dancing;
painting and other visual art; use of new media [film, video, podcasts, etc.], theatre or other
performance; music style – rap, hip hop)