Overview Imagine interviewing for a Chief of Police position for the City of (ch

Imagine interviewing for a Chief of Police position for the City of (choose a fictional city). At your oral interview, the City Manager explains that the police department is in dire straits. Crime has risen steadily over the last decade (5% annual increase in crimes vs. persons and 15% annual increase in property crimes), overtime costs have skyrocketed (175% of the annual budget), and officers are quickly becoming burned out.
The former Chief ran the department with conventional, time-honored traditions. He was often heard lecturing patrol officers that the measure of success for an officer is how quickly they can respond to and clear calls for service. The Chief believed this was the best measure of efficiency because it allowed the officers to spend more time randomly patrolling in their beat, which deters crime.
The City Manager has heard about a neighboring town who recently adopted an evidence-based policing strategy and is intrigued by the initial positive results. As a finalist for the Chief of Police position, the City manager has asked you to provide a proposal addressing the police department’s current issues.
In this assignment, you will need to prepare a proposal for implementing evidence-based practice.
Develop a 1-2-page proposal that:
Recommends an evidence-based practice to help address the police department’s current issues.
Describes how the recommended evidence-based practice has evolved in the field of criminal justice.
Provides at least two examples of this evidence-based practice being successfully used in law enforcement.
Outlines the timeline for the implementation of the recommended evidence-based practice with SMART goals.
Details the method of research and process used to gauge effectiveness with considerations for the financial, policy, legal, and ethical components of implementation.
Provides in-text citations and at least one additional credible source in APA format to support recommendation.
Uses professional language with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a 1-2-page proposal.