Please write an essay by choosing any one of the document below. Please read all

Please write an essay by choosing any one of the document below. Please read all the instructin from my professor. I wrote everything below
Assignment #3: Literature and the Real World/Final Research Paper
Your third (and final) paper will be a three-page research paper with at least three outside citations. Write an essay connecting one of our course’s literary pieces to a subject outside of literature itself. To qualify as a research paper, your essay should cite at least one outside source per page. Try to balance the rhetorical close-reading of your previous papers with an effort to locate a literary work in a larger social framework.
When looking for research sources, avoid controversial sites like SparkNotes and Wikipedia. Instead, search out books in the campus catalog (or any public library) and look at academically trusted sites available via BMCC’ online services like JSTOR, Literature Criticism Online, Oxford Reference, ScienceDirect, etc. Suggested topics (your own original topic can also be pursued once it is cleared with the instructor):
Read Suji Kwock-Kim’s “Generation” in relations to the ongoing political controversies concerning reproductive rights and abortion. How does a strange narrative in which a fetus recounts development inside the womb complicate our sense of “personhood”?
Sherman Alexie’s “My Heroes Have Never Been Cowboys” is a Native American perspective on the “mythology” of the American West. How does Alexie manage to dismantle much of the so-called “heroism” of America’s “settling”?
Read Giannana Braschi’s “Under the Skirt of Liberty” in relation to feminism. How is Braschi’s story reaching out to and conversing with radical feminist writers of the 20th century? How is feminism a “discipline” as well as a “movement”?
Guillermo Gomez-Pena, “Ethno-Cyborgs and Genetically Engineered Mexicans” is a mission-statement from a Chicano performance artist describing how he uses computer machinery and cybernetic prostheses to turn himself into a walking commentary on American racism. How does this piece address the ways the “virtual” world interacts with the “racial” world?
Shelley Jackson’s “Themself,” a story about conjoined twins, has much to say on the issue of being a member of a so-called “couple.” How does this story mock, undermine, and have fun with our sense of two-ness and dualism?
Eric B. and Rakim’s “Follow the Leader” is typical hip-hop boast on one level, but how does it address the issue of individual ego and the need for community? Can one regard one’s self so “supremely” and be an asset to “the people” at the same time?