PROMPT for Research paper:– “Desdemona’s characteristics /role changes from, w

PROMPT for Research paper:–
“Desdemona’s characteristics /role changes from, when she is with Othello, and when she is not with him, making her merely a passive victim of Othello’s TRAGIC FLAW.”
Your response is, “Do you agree or disagree with the prompt.” Take your stand on ONE aspect if you agree or disagree? Write a clear thesis, stating your 3 reasons, to support your stand, with explanation, and examples from the play. Also support your reasons and examples with 2 Quotes per reason, from your sources / research , to prove your stand.
Further Instructions:
M.L.A style minimum 1000 words, with a clear thesis and 3 supporting reasons, 5 paragraphs, With 3 credible sources, (from books or e- books on, “Shakespearean tragedy”), Works Cited, 2 quotes in each Body Paragraph.
Some of the books, e-books for literary criticism on Othello, are available from Delta college Library’s Go-Electronics database: Othello(Shakespeare, William)AND Criticism Mostly articles.
If using e-Books, don’t forget to write the name of the source, the author’s name / page number and date you got the quotes on . Plagiarism is a crime! Please reach out if you are unsure or need help with how to quote sources accurately.
The text book should NOT be considered or used as a source. It should be used as a means of reference to your statements / views, when you are making your point in defending your thesis.
Some specific e-books are:- ( These are reliable sources)
1. The Politics of Paul Robeson’s Othello
2. Shakespeare’s Tragedies: Violation and Identity
3.Shakespearean Tragedy by A.C Bradley.(from the Project Gutenberg)
Look for other sources besides those mentioned above, authors who have written specifically on critiquing the play, Othello.
Worth 25 points.
Minimum word count= 1000 words.