The paper should be double-spaced, used 12 point Arial font, have one inch margi

The paper should be double-spaced, used 12 point Arial font, have one inch margins all around, and be paginated at the bottom center of the page. Excellence is required in spelling, grammar,punctuation and APA format. Do not use first person in the paper. The project paper should be between 6-10 pages long. I have included a word document template and very specific explanations on how to write the paper. Please use the template as your guide.
This is the topic:
Walmart clients are flagging better fulfillment with two vital viewpoints in stores: their general shopping experience and client support, as per a review by Cowen and Co. Cowen saw that as 75% of the 2,506 reviewed said they are happy with their general experience shopping at Walmart , and 60% were happy with the client support there.The state of Walmart stores and stock, and the nature of its client care have been focused on for development by U.S. Chief Greg Foran, who this late spring said a portion of the stores need assistance and all the more as of late said a third are as yet inadequate.
The push to better pay and train store associates and to have them return to greeting customers and offering help is likely reflected in the improvements measured by Cowen.The retailer still has far to go especially if it hopes to bring in more well-heeled customers.Walmart’s growth efforts have mostly centered on growing its wallet share of its lower- to mid-income customers.
The nature of e-commerce, the nature of the Neighborhood Markets and other things we’re doing do create an opportunity for us to be even more relevant to customers that are at the higher end of the scale. When creating these new improvements, Walmart utilizes their customer satisfaction surveys to receive feedback on if these changes are improving the customers experience and their business. If they notice from the feedback that issues are not changing or are falling behind, they will figure out a new solution to better the customer experience.