This is a three-task assignment. In Task 1, students will curate a descriptive l

This is a three-task assignment. In Task 1, students will curate a
descriptive list of 5 key facts or ideas in a subject about which they are already knowledgeable.
For Task 2, students will research a primary ongoing conflict/debate in a research area of their
choosing and present research that defends each side of the conflict. Tasks 1&2 will be written
up in a 1-2 page, single-spaced document that students will submit by Saturday of Week 1.
3 will be an essay based on Tasks 1 & 2, in which students will present the key ideas of a
research area, present a current conflict within the research area, and make an argument for or
against one side of the conflict. The first draft of the essay will be due Monday 7/11 and the final
will be due Friday, 7/15.
Learning Outcomes Met
1, 2, and 3
Key Writing Tasks
Summarizing, exemplifying, connecting examples to larger points
Deliverable for Task 1&2
1-2 page single spaced document, due Saturday, 7/9 (Saturday,
Week 1)
Deliverable for Task 3
Draft 1 (at least 550 words, essay format): due 7/11 (Monday of Week
2). Final draft (at least 1250 words, essay format): due 7/15 (Friday of Week 2)

Finish Chapter 1, 2, 3 by 7/7 (Thursday of Week 1)

Finish Chapters 4, 5, and 15 by 7/14 (Tuesday of Week 2)
If you pick any topic and google it, chances are you are going to receive more
information than you can realistically read or understand in a reasonable amount of time. A
fundamental research skill is to figure out what sources are worth using (more on that later.) But
even after completing that, you are often left with too much information to reasonably use for
whatever task you are performing research.
For this assignment, you will be required to do
what’s called “curation”, in which you will be picking from the information that is available on a
topic and choosing what to share with the class or in a paper.