Translating a Scholarly Article in Your Field of Study for a Public Audience Th

Translating a Scholarly Article in Your Field of
Study for a Public Audience
There are three parts to this

read, and analyze a recently
published scholarly article in your academic discipline that addresses a topic
of interest to you and the general public

(rewrite) the article in a new genre appropriate to a public audience

a reflective analysis about the choices you made as you wrote your translation
Closely analyze an
example or two of the kind of genre you’re attempting to create and consider
how those genre examples fulfill the expectations of the target audience. Your
project will be assessed according to its ability to reproduce those genre
expectations, so you will need to explain, in detail, the rhetorical changes
and other choices you had to make in the construction of your piece
Once your translation is
complete, compose a reflective analysis. As part of your analysis, consider the
rhetorical choices you made as you constructed your translation. Offer a
rational for each of your decisions that connects the features of your
transition to your larger rhetorical context. For example, if you had to
translate the title of the scholarly article for a public audience, explain why
your new title is the most appropriate on for your public audience.
This Project does not require you
to incorporate secondary sources, but if you feel it is appropriate to your
reader and the genre you chose, then do so. Just make sure to include a
references page at the end of the essay.
I will Attach a file that can
help and to be continued. I have already chosen the source so you can see it
and use it.